xPast Meeting CAGC-Carl Kotlarchik “How to Locate those Elusive Military Records for Ancestors Who Served in Austro-Hungarian Army” Oct 2022

Saturday, October 1st, we are now doing a ZOOM-Only meeting , Zoom program/Speaker begins at 12:30pm NOTE: NEW START TIME!!

Speaker: Carl Kotlarchik

I attended the CGSI conference last fall and was amazed by the excellent presentation by Carl Kotlarchik on Military records. He has done so much research on this topic and has become a worldwide expert. A key element is knowing what Regiment# your ancestor is in, along with the time period. Mr. Kotlarchik has created a table to help determine the Regiment numbers based on location, in his blog. He has detailed this information in his blog: Austro-Hungarian Army Records (ahmilitary.blogspot.com) To search for records on FamilySearch.org, click on the Catalog tab, and keyword, then type in “Osterreich.Armee.Infanterie Regiment 067 [xxx]” or “Österreich. Armee. Artillerie” or “Österreich. Armee. Kavallerie”

Carl Kotlarchik has been an avid genealogist for more than 50 years. His recent research emphasis has been on the military records and history of his Slovak families. After publishing a book in 2011 about his family, he began a blog on how to locate Austro-Hungarian military records, and he has spoken to genealogical groups around the US on how to locate these military records. He was also the co-moderator for Slovak Roots on Yahoo groups  

 “How to Locate those Elusive Military Records for Ancestors Who Served in the Austro-Hungarian Army

Genealogists often overlook military records, but they often contain valuable information about an ancestor that cannot be found in other resources. They can also provide insight into what an individual may have experienced during their lifetime and give a perspective of the history of that time. Consequently, knowledge of military service can add real depth and interest to a family history. Men were conscripted in all regions of the Empire, including Austria, Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Galicia, Transylvania, Bukovina, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Northern Italy and Hungary, which included the area of present-day Slovakia. Therefore, locating records for individuals who served in the Austro-Hungarian Army can be a bit challenging if one does not understand where and how these records are kept. Today’s presentation will attempt to demystify the process and provide the necessary tools and methodology to enable a successful search for AH military records. A complete set of the charts, maps, references and much more can be found at my website listed below. 

Website: https://cagc-ca.org/

Looking ahead to our 2022 BI-Monthly meeting dates IN-PERSON/Hybrid Zoom format: Sat December 3rd Christmas party.