xPast Meeting Apr 1, 2023 Czech/Slovak Genealogy Research Methods

CAGC MEETING : APRIL 1, 2023 @ 1:30pm Topic: “Czech/Slovak Genealogy Research Methods


CAGC meeting: Apr 1, 2023, SATURDAY, ZOOM ONLY MEETING. Zoom link will be sent out the Thurs before the meeting.

Guest SpeakerIveta Blahútová CAGC is very fortunate to have Iveta as a speaker! This presentation is on behalf of The Midwest Genealogy Center (MGC). 

Iveta Blahútová

Iveta is a genealogy research analyst at the Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence, Missouri. She moderates the German Genealogy Group, creates the German e-newsletter The Schrift, and regularly presents various ethnic genealogy classes. A native of Slovakia, Iveta graduated from Comenius University in Bratislava and she already had a career as a lawyer. An invitation her husband received to work in the US as a foreign expert,  brought her and her family to the US. She also serves as CGSI Educator and leader of the quarterly CGSI Research Discussion Group.

Website: https://cagc-ca.org/

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